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Concert – Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book an artist (what factors play into our decision)?
The SUBOG Concert Committee takes student interest, the concert budget, and artist fees and availability into account when booking an artist. Our goal is to bring a variety of artists to UConn that would best meet popular interest.

What is our budget?
As a branch of SUBOG, the Concert Committee is allotted $165,000 for the academic year, which covers expenses for our major concerts and various smaller events. Expenses incurred for each show include paying the artist(s), renting equipment, hiring a stage crew and security, and miscellaneous expenses.

Can we fundraise for more money?
As a state entity that receives funds from student fees, SUBOG is not allowed to fundraise for events.

Can we get extra funding from USG?
The university allocates a certain amount of money to SUBOG and USG each year. With 400+ other organizations on campus, USG’s goal is to oversee the disbursement of student fees to other registered student groups in order to ensure that these funds are continually used to benefit the University to the best of its capabilities.

How can I recommend an artist to the concert committee?
If you have a suggestion for an artist that you would like to see perform at UConn, please send us an email at In addition, is good resource that provides estimated fees for a variety of artists, as well as their performance availability. With budget and student body interest in mind, we will take your ideas into consideration when booking an artist for the following concert. We want to know what kinds of music students want to hear!

How many people do Jorgensen & Gampel hold?
Jorgensen has a 2700-person capacity (1,500 for general admission floor and 1,200 for mezzanine). While Gampel has a 10,000 seating capacity for basketball games, capacity for concerts is reduced because of the size of the performance stage. Gampel’s capacity for the Spring Concert is roughly 1,000 for general admission floor and 4,000 for seats.

Why can’t we book the same artists that perform at UMass (Mullins Center) or the XL Center?
Jorgensen and Gampel are owned by the University itself, while the XL Center and Mullins Center are both public, multipurpose arenas. While the Mullins Center is located on the UMass campus, their shows are not always hosted or funded by UMass’s student organizations. As public arenas that often book artists independently, the XL Center and Mullins Center have more flexibility and budget for larger performances.

Why don’t we have more concerts in Gampel?
Traditionally, we have two shows in Jorgensen per year (Fall and Winter) and one in Gampel. Due to our budget, the large amount of expenses that we incur from doing a show in Gampel, and the limited availability of Gampel due to other activities going on there in the Fall and Winter, the budget only allows for one show in Gampel per year, which is the Spring Concert.