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Co-Programming Requests

The principle role of SUBOG is to enhance the Student Union and campus life through programming educational and entertaining events. To this end, SUBOG has established a co-programming program to provide support to organizations that are conducting programs in the Student Union.

SUBOG Co-Programming Guides:

  1. Co-Programming funds will only be given towards events held in the following locations in the Student Union:
    • Theatre
    • North/South Lobbies
    • Ballroom
    • Room 304
  2. All events must be open to all UConn undergraduate students.
  3. The organization making the request is responsible for the following:
    • Making reservations with Student Union Event Services before the co-programming request is made
    • Promoting the event
    • Staffing the event
    • Adhering to all Student Union policies
  4. The organization making the request must put the SUBOG logo on all printed advertising materials.

In the form below, please give a detailed outline of all expenses that your organization is asking SUBOG to cover.  If you have any questions regarding the cost of equipment, services, staffing, etc. for the Student Union, please refer to The U Guide.

Please submit this Co-Programming Request at least two weeks prior to the event and after meeting with the Student Union.

SUBOG Co-Programming Request Form

  • :
  • To calculate an accurate event cost, please refer to the Student Union 'U Guide' found at SUBOG will only cover A/V costs.
    ExpenseCost per Hour ($)# of HoursTotal Cost ($) 
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