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Synergy Requests

*** NOTE: SUBOG is still accepting Synergy applications for Spring 2017.  However, the current SUBOG budget is limited.  After submitting the Synergy application, a member of the SUBOG Executive Board will reach out to you to discuss further.

SUBOG Synergy can provide additional funding to organizations on campus such as the cultural centers, academic departments, and offices within Student Affairs for program co-sponsorship. Synergy funding is only available to groups that are not eligible for USG funding. Synergy should not be seen as just a source of program funding, but rather a collaborative planning effort between SUBOG and other organizations.


  1. To keep up the level of events and programs for students at UConn despite budget reductions.
  2. To work with other centers/departments/offices on campus to put on programs for students.
  3. To build relationships with a wide range of campus partners.

The Process:
If a group is interested in participating in the Synergy Program, the group will need to complete the form below, which will be received by the SUBOG President, Marissa Carbone ( Proposals requesting less than $10,000 must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the event date. Proposals requesting greater than $10,000 must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of the event date. Once the SUBOG President receives the proposal, the document will be reviewed and if completed fully, brought to the entire SUBOG Board for approval by 2/3 affirmative vote. If the proposal is approved, a member of the SUBOG Board will be assigned as the main point of contact on behalf of the organization. This point person will be available to help plan the event and communicate information between SUBOG and the requesting group during periodic meetings. The point person will be in attendance the day of the event for support.

  • Synergy funding will only fund events that are open to the entire undergraduate student body at the Storrs campus.
  • Synergy funding should not be viewed as the sole funding source for a program.  SUBOG has the right to approve partial funding of a program, based off of the proposal submitted.
  • Synergy funding will not be allocated to groups for charitable events.
  • Synergy funding will not support events during intersessions.
  • SUBOG must be credited as a co-sponsor of the event in all promotional materials for all events funded by the Synergy program.
  • SUBOG will not under any circumstances provide funding greater than the dollar amount requested by a group and approved by the board. These funds are granted on a line-item basis, meaning that the requesting group cannot spend money allocated for a certain purpose on any other expense. This will be checked by SUBOG and the Student Activities Business Office.
  • SUBOG will be granted 20 complimentary tickets to the event.