Committee Information & Meeting Times

Join a committee today!  No prior SUBOG involvement needed.  You can either stop by any of the scheduled meeting times below or reach out to the committee chair for a specific committee to get more information.

Programming Committees

Committee        Day          Time        Location    
Arts Wednesdays 5pm SU 308D
Comedy Thursdays 5pm SU 312
Concert Wednesdays 5pm SU 303
Films Thursdays 6pm SU 317
Lecture Wednesdays 5pm SU 319
Major Weekends Wednesdays 6:30pm SU 307
Outreach Tuesdays 6:30pm SU 308D
Special Events Tuesdays 5pm SU 320
Sports Promotion Mondays 5pm SU 308D

* Student Union Rm 308 is located in the Student Activities – Programs Office, in the same general space at the SUBOG Office.

Programming Committees

  • Arts:
    Plans events that expand students views of art and music through events such as Open Mic Nights and dance workshops.
  • Comedy:
    Brings various comedians to campus such as Seth Meyers, Kevin Hart, and Bob Saget.
  • Concert:
    Plans and sets up major artists such as Fetty Wap, Schoolboy Q, and J Cole.
  • Film:
    Carefully picks movies that will be shown in the Student Union Theatre over the weekends. Also, plans other film related activities such as the student film festival.
  • Lecture:
    Brings fun and informative speakers to UConn such as: Evan Peters, Brandon Stanton, and Maya Angelou.
  • Major Weekends:
    Organizes some of UConn’s most valued traditional events such as Homecoming and Winter Weekend.
  • Special Events:
    Coordinates various creative and fun events on campus such as the Homecoming Carnival. Also, plans a variety of daytime activities to break up long class days.
  • Sports Promotion:
    Organizes the promotion of sporting events such as busing for UConn games. Also, plans a variety of sports related events such as the Beyond the Field series.

Outreach Committee

  • Outreach:
    Responsible for the marketing of events and the organization, and help promote SUBOG to the campus as a whole.