Frequently Asked Questions

What does SUBOG stand for?
Student Union Board of Governors.

What does SUBOG do?
SUBOG is a student-run programming board on campus that puts on events that include, but are not limited to: major concerts, well-known comedians, respected speakers and campus community activities. SUBOG’s always interested in trying new ideas and programs.

Where is the SUBOG office?
The SUBOG office is located in the Student Union on the third floor in Room 307.

How can I go about contacting SUBOG?
You can contact SUBOG by calling the office at (860) 486-3904, faxing at (860) 486-1689, following @SUBOGatUCONN on Twitter, liking SUBOGatUCONN on Facebook, emailing or stopping by during regular business hours.

What’s the difference between SUBOG and USG?
SUBOG works on programming activities where as USG handles student government issues. USG stands for: Undergraduate Student Government.

How can I join SUBOG?
You can join any programming committee at any time. You can also attend a meeting, or stop by the SUBOG office in Student Union Room 307. If you are interested in becoming a chairperson of a committee, you can apply during the spring semester (usually early February) for a position that would take effect the following academic year.

Why should I join SUBOG?
It’s a great leadership experience and a great way to be active and involved on campus. And most of all, it’s fun!

What time commitments are required to be on SUBOG and will they interfere with my academics?
SUBOG chair members are expected to put in 5-7 office hours per week as well as attend a one-hour board meeting. Board members are expected to help with major events throughout the year such at HuskyWOW, Lip Sync and the Spring Concert while committee members are expected to attend as many events events as they can. There is a time commitment, but academics come first and everyone at SUBOG understands and adheres to that.

How do I find out about SUBOG meetings?
The meeting times and locations of all the SUBOG committees can be found on the Join SUBOG page.

Can I just show up to a meeting?
Yes, SUBOG welcomes new members at any point in the semester.

Can I be involved with more than one SUBOG programming committee?
You can join as many committees as you’d like.

Does SUBOG co-sponsor events and if so, how does an organization work with SUBOG?
Yes, SUBOG does co-sponsor events on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in co-sponsoring an event with SUBOG you must attend a formal meeting to present your organization’s idea. Contact the office at (860) 486-3904 to find out when the formal meetings are.

How can I get someone I know to perform?
Contact the specific SUBOG chairperson and have the performer’s information on hand. To find out the appropriate SUBOG chairperson, go to Meet the Board page.

How do I find out about upcoming SUBOG events?
The best way to find out about future SUBOG event is by visiting the Upcoming Events section of the SUBOG website. You will see current activities right there. Also, SUBOG advertises the majority of their events through the Daily Campus newspaper and the other campus advertising outlets. You can also check out the UConn Events Calendar for all upcoming SUBOG and campus events.

What is a Husky Roadshow?
SUBOG and the Department of Student Activities provides bus transportation for students to all home football games at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, as well as men’s and women’s basketball games and hockey games at the XL Center in Hartford. The bus trips are called Husky Roadshows and are advertised as such. Visit the Husky Roadshows page for more information.

How can I help decide what movies are shown?
You can join the SUBOG Film Committee. Information about their meeting time and location can be found on the Join SUBOG page.

Where do I buy tickets for SUBOG events?
Tickets for SUBOG events can be purchased, unless otherwise specified, ONLINE or at the Student Union Information Center. SUBOG hosts events at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts periodically. Tickets for these events may be sold at the Jorgensen Box Office or on the Jorgensen website. For specific ticket information for each event, look out for information on the SUBOG homepage.

What if I want to go on a SUBOG bus trip but don’t want to take the bus one or both ways?
SUBOG trips include the bus. Students are expected to take the bus to and from the event. If the trip is to a ticketed event, tickets to the event are not given out until the bus arrives at its destination.

How does SUBOG choose the artists for the Spring Concert?
The SUBOG concert chairperson forms a concert committee. Any UConn student is eligible to join the committee. The concert committee then looks at all available performers. Some contributing factors include where the artist is on their tour and if they are within SUBOG’s budget. Once a field is narrowed down, the committee chooses a performer with the best interest of the campus community in mind.

What should I do if myself or someone I know needs special accommodations for an event?
SUBOG is always willing to make arrangements for students. Call the SUBOG office at (860) 486-3904 as soon as you are aware that accommodations need to be made.

What are the ticket sale policies for SUBOG Travel Trips?
Tickets for SUBOG travel trips may be purchased by UConn students only. Students are permitted to bring one non-student guest. Additional ticket sale policies for SUBOG trips can be found on the Trips page.

Who is eligible to win SUBOG prizes?
Since SUBOG is funded by student activity fees, only UConn-Storrs undergraduates are eligible to win SUBOG prizes.