Partner on an Event

SUBOG has streamlined the process of partnering on events through the Co-Sponsorship Interest Form.  SUBOG welcomes co-sponsorships from across the UConn-Storrs campus.  If your department, office, or student organization is interested in working collaboratively with SUBOG on an event idea, please complete the brief form below to give SUBOG some basic information.  The ideal time to reach out to SUBOG about a possible partnership is in the very early stages of planning the event.  Contributions from SUBOG through co-sponsorship should not be the only source of  funding.  The process is intended to be a collaborative planning effort between SUBOG and all of the other event sponsors.

Campus partners interested in participating in a co-sponsorship with SUBOG will need to complete the form below, which will be received by the SUBOG President, Adam Sherif (  Proposals requesting less than $10,000 must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the event date.  Proposals requesting greater than $10,000 must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of the event date.  Once the SUBOG President receives the proposal, it will be reviewed for completeness and then brought to the entire SUBOG Board to gauge their interest.  If a Committee Chair on SUBOG is interested in the proposal and is willing to take on the event, the Committee Chair will then bring it back to the entire SUBOG Board two weeks later for approval.  If approved by the SUBOG Board by affirmative vote, the Committee Chair that takes on the event will be the point person for SUBOG.  Thus, the Committee Chair will be available to help plan the event, communicate information, and will be in attendance at the event.

  • Funding will only support events that are open to the entire undergraduate student body at the UConn-Storrs campus.
  • Funding should not be viewed as the sole funding source for a program.  SUBOG has the right to approve partial funding of a program, based off of the proposal submitted.
  • Funding will not be allocated to groups for charitable events and/or fundraisers.
  • Funding will not support events during intersessions.
  • SUBOG must be credited as a co-sponsor of the event in all promotional materials.
  • SUBOG will not under any circumstances provide funding greater than the dollar amount requested by a group and approved by the entire SUBOG Board. These funds are granted on a line-item basis, meaning that the requesting group cannot spend money allocated for a certain purpose on any other expense. This will be checked by SUBOG and the Student Activities Business Office.
  • If there will be a fee charged to attend the event, SUBOG and the event sponsors will need to discuss how the revenue collected will be distributed.
  • SUBOG will be granted 20 complimentary tickets to the event.

Due to the limited time we have left in this semester, SUBOG will no longer be accepting co-sponsorship requests for the rest of the 2017-2018 academic year.  However, if you have requests for the Fall 2018 semester we will still review those upon submission.