Upcoming Events

  1. Oct 12 Welcome UConn Families1:00pm
  2. Oct 13 Homecoming Parade Build8:00am
  3. Oct 13 Homecoming Parade10:00am
  4. Oct 13 Homecoming Carnival1:00pm
  5. Oct 15 Homecoming Pageant & Royal Tea7:00pm

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All of the SUBOG Committees meet weekly to discuss upcoming events and to create new events for the future. Each committee meets on a different day, different time, different place, so click a committee below for more information.

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Youth for Change Metanoia

Join us to support a series of events themed around youth activism this spring and learn what WE can do to fight for our future. Event announcements coming soon!

Posted by SUBOG on Tuesday, January 29, 2019