Event Partnership Form

SUBOG welcomes partnership requests to create memorable events for students. If your department, office, or student organization is interested in working collaboratively with SUBOG on an event idea, please complete the brief form below to give SUBOG some basic information. Your organization is encouraged to reach out to SUBOG if you're looking for an event partner.

What is a partner? 

SUBOG partnerships are meant to be collaborative. With that in mind, funding requests, event details, and programming aspects are to be discussed with SUBOG. As a partner on the event, event decisions would be made together, the event could be funded together, and the event would be promoted together. If you're not looking for a collaborative relationship, a SUBOG partnership might not be right for your event.

How to get started:

We would love to get started and do our best to help you plan your dream event. Following our 6-week event planning timeline is important to ensure we are able to plan and execute all events to the best of our ability. Fill out the form below and one of our board members will reach out to you within 5-7 business days to discuss the possibilities of the event. Feel free to send any questions to the SUBOG VP of Programming, Mikayla Williams at subogevents@uconn.edu

SUBOG Partnership Interest Form