Work With SUBOG

When UConn thinks of SUBOG they think of the massive concerts with A list performers, yearly traditions such as Homecoming, and events throughout the year to give a reprieve from school work. The student body counts on these events and looks forward to them every year.

SUBOG’s events reach a diverse group of students, and in very large numbers.  We believe that corporate sponsors would be able to benefit from any of our hundreds of events, by promoting their brand to the college demographic. By honing in on college students, sponsors brands will grow fast - really fast. I would love to chat and talk more about the opportunities we can bring to your table. Looking forward to hearing from you!

What We Can Do

  • Your company's name and/or logo listed on our website. 
  • A chance to promote your company's promotional materials on campus.
  • Your company's signage hung on our campus at our events. 
  • A range of advertising materials with your campus logo.
  • Free tickets and backstage passes for your company. 
  • Tabling and activations at our events. 

Large Scale Events

  • Week of Welcome Block Party - August
  • Week of Welcome Comedy Jam - August
  • Homecoming Parade - October
  • Homecoming Carnival - October
  • Homecoming Lip Sync - October
  • Fall Concert - October
  • One Ton Sundae - February
  • Winter Weekend Comedy Show - February
  • UCONNIC Music Festival - April
  • Spring Weekend Food Truck Festival - April
  • Spring Weekend Lecture - April
  • Spring Weekend Comedy Show - April

Campus Partners

If you are a student group or university department, SUBOG can help. SUBOG events are planned by our six programmers separated by the following program lines: Comedy, Concert, Films, Major Weekends, Special Events, and Sports. 

SUBOG welcomes partnership requests to create memorable events for students. If we find the event worthwhile to have on campus, and is unique compared to events we already plan, we would love to support through marketing, staffing, and financial support. 

What is a partner? 

SUBOG partnerships are meant to be collaborative. With that in mind, funding requests, event details, and programming aspects are to be discussed with SUBOG. As a partner on the event, event decisions would be made together, the event would be funded together, and the event would be promoted together. If you’re not looking for a collaborative relationship, a SUBOG partnership might not be right for your event.

How to get started:

With that said, we would love to get started and do our best to help you plan your dream event. Please be advised that the optimal event planning timeline is 6 weeks out from the event date. Fill out the partnership form and one of our board members will reach out to you within 5-7 business days to discuss the possibilities of the event. 

Press Requests

Before an Event

The following reflects the procedure for granting press access to student groups and/or individuals at SUBOG events, programs, meetings, etc. This procedure must be followed for all events that a news outlet and/or individual chooses to publish about. 

For all of our events, email the respective committee chairperson as soon as possible, but at least 1 week before the event to request access. Be sure to 'CC' the SUBOG President and SUBOG Outreach Chairs on the email. Depending on contracts with artists, talent, and vendors, press passes can only be issued with the permission of all parties involved in each event. Requesting press access as early as possible allows us enough time to get the pass approved by the respective parties. 

Press access can be granted for on-campus organizations, student photographers/videographers, or private photographers/videographers. After contacting us, we will notify you if press access is permitted, how to receive your pass, and the specific event conditions and rules. 

Comedy Committee -

Concert Committee -

Digital Entertainment & Films Committee -

Major Weekends Committee -

Special Events Committee -

Sports Committee -

SUBOG President -

SUBOG Outreach -


After an Event

Maintaining a lasting relationship is essential to SUBOG continuing to grant press access for future events. Be sure to follow the instructions below after each event that you cover.

Reference "SUBOG" in any articles or writing pieces that describe or cover the event. "SUBOG" should be referenced in either the headline or the body of the article. Tag @SUBOGatUConn in any content posted on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

Share your photos and videos with us. Our entire mission is about creating experiences for students, and pictures and videos perfectly capture those experiences. When you share them, we typically post them on our pages and credit you for capturing that content.


For an Interview

If you'd like to interview a SUBOG Board member for a specific topic, feel free to reach out. We're happy to sit down and talk with anything we are working on. Email with your request, and you can be routed to the specific board member you are writing about.