Why should I apply?


SUBOG Board positions are one of the select few of opportunities at UConn you'll have to practice real life responsibilities. In a position, you manage your own budget, your own set of members, and work with a team to create something for over 20,000 students at this campus.

If you're considering, apply. You'll thank yourself later for giving yourself the shot.

Application questions


The full list of application questions are made available using this link so you may prepare before completing the application. All questions should be answered in 250 words or less. We recommend preparing your answers within a separate word document before submitting your official application.


Application Opens: Wednesday, March 2nd

Application Closes: Monday, March 7th (President) or Monday, March 14th (Other Positions)


Interviews will be scheduled as applications are submitted! (don't wait for the deadline)

President Interviews: Monday, March 7th to Friday, March 10th

Board Interviews: Monday, March 21th - Wednesday, March 30th


Decisions Distributed: Friday, April 1st

Rolling Applications

Interview slots will be scheduled and filled as applications are submitted. Waiting until just before the deadline could impact your likelihood of receiving an interview and/or position.

Note: Depending on the number of applications, not every candidate will be invited in for an interview. You will be notified if the selection committee decides not to call you in for an interview.

Positions Descriptions

Meet the 2021-2022 Board

Board Structure

President: Considered the official spokesperson of SUBOG. Oversees the executive board, the programmers, and the outreach chairs of SUBOG. Day to day activities include managing relationships with Tier 3 organizations, UConn departments, and administration, framing SUBOG’s branding on social media and the website, and guiding the programmers to creating better and more intentional events. The President works with all of the executive board to achieve the year’s goals.

VP of Finance: Oversees all of the financial matters of the SUBOG Board. This includes spending on events, conferences, trainings, membership development, advertising, and more. Each year, the VP of Finance creates a budget with the President that reflects the year’s goals. Throughout the year, the VP monitors and regulates that budget. Aside from this, this position works to connect with businesses that are interested in sponsoring SUBOG events.

VP of Administration: Oversees and enforces SUBOG’s mission, goals, constitution, and by-laws year to year. Works to create surveys and track attendance to assess the board’s progress towards the year’s goals.

VP of Programming: Oversees SUBOG’s event partnerships, event schedule, and program assessment. Each year, SUBOG works to create better and better events and the VP of Programming guides programmers to that direction.

VP of Membership: Oversees the retention, productivity, and overall development of all of SUBOG’s 200 student members. The VP of Membership works to oversee the training sessions of the board including retreats and informal meetings.

Outreach Chair: Oversees the overall branding and advertising of SUBOG and the events of the 6 programming committees. This includes running the SUBOG social accounts, website, texting platform, poster distribution, and more marketing initiatives. Both Outreach Chairs work with the President to properly promote all of SUBOG’s initiatives – including but beyond events.

Comedy Chair: Oversees the Comedy Committee – its members and its events. The committee plans the Student Union Standup Series, WOW Comedy Jam, Winter Weekend Comedy Show, and Spring Weekend Comedy Show. In the past, the committee has brought in comedians like Michael Che, Bob Saget, Sal Vulcano, Nikki Glaser, and more.

Concert Chair: Oversees the Concert Committee – its members and its events. The committee plans the annual Block Party Concert, Fall Concert, and UCONNIC Music Festival. In this past, the committee has brought in artists like Lil Yachty, Khalid, Jon Bellion, A$AP Ferg, and more. The committee also runs travel trips to concerts in the area including J Cole, Halsey, Aminé, Bad Bunny, and more.

Digital Entertainment & Films Chair: Oversees the Films Committee – its members and its events. The committee plans the annual Movie Series in the Student Union Theater, showing popular new movies every single week. Aside from the series, the committee also plans the WOW outdoor movie, Oscars Live Stream, and other film related showings throughout the year.

Major Weekends Chair: Oversees the Major Weekends Committee – its members and its events. The committee plans SUBOG’s annual Homecoming events – including the Homecoming Parade, Pageant, and Lip Sync Competition. Another popular event that the committee plans is One Ton Sundae.

Special Events Chair: Oversees the Special Events Committee – its members and its events. The committee plans SUBOG’s annual Homecoming Carnival, Stuff – a – Husky, Food Truck Festival, and more events – capturing a wide variety of programming.

Sports Chair: Oversees the Sports Committee – its members and its events. In the past, the committee has planned the Beyond the Field lecture series, various travel trips to games around the area, and the Spring Weekend lecture. Last year, the committee brought in Stephen A. Smith for the lecture.

More Information

For more information, and with any questions, comments, concerns, etc - please contact Gayatri Vishwanath at subogpres@uconn.edu or subog@uconn.edu