Winter Weekend


It’s the 41st Anniversary of SUBOG’s Winter Weekend and we’re so excited to be hosting these awesome events this year. Our Digital Entertainment & Films and Major Weekends committees have teamed up to bring you the legendary One Ton Sundae, our annual Ski Trip and a Livestream of the Oscars. Also, we are taking a new spin on an old favorite and bringing you Moonlight Breakfast! Take a look at the events below and save the dates for your calendar.


*UConntact will be used for access to events such as One Ton Sundae, Moonlight Breakfast, and Oscars Livestream*

Use this website for more information on how to use Uconntact:

**Tip: Save it to the wallet app on your phone for easy access


Moonlight Breakfast:


  • Food, seating, and events are all first come first serve
  • Relaxation Station items include:
    • Aromatherapy Hand Massage
    • Back Massager – Portable
    • Foot/Leg Massagers
    • Infinity Relaxation Chairs
    • Paraffin Hand Dip
  • Food will include:
    • Eggs
    • Fruit
    • Pancakes
    • Waffles
    • Other breakfast items
  • The movieĀ Good Boys will start at 10pm
  • Smash / Mario Kart station


One Ton Sundae:


  • There will be two boats of ice cream
    • One will be filled with Nut-Free ice cream (Ice cream may have been made in a facility with nuts)
    • One will be filled with a mix of Nut-Free ice cream and ice cream that contains nuts
  • Once you reach the front of the line, you have a choice between two check in tabless (Mixed boat and Nut Free boat)
    • Uconntact will be scanned at the check-in
      • For non-undergraduate students, it will cost $2. Money will be collected at the check in table
    • At check-in you will receive one long glove
      • Fully put it onto your scooping hand
    • When you check in, you must go to the respective boat
  • Scooping ice cream
    • Once you are at one boat there is no switching between boats
    • Only use the scoops designated to said boat
    • Once you scoop your ice cream, return the scoop to the bucket (or a waiting participant at the same boat) and proceed to the other side of the terrace for toppings
    • There are two toppings stations
      • One nut free and one is not
  • A note to the dairy free participants:
    • We will have a few tubs of Raspberry Sorbet separate from the boats from those who need it
      • When you get to the front of the line, go to the Nut-Free check in and ask for the separate Raspberry Sorbet
      • Please be mindful that this is a limited supply and only ask for it if you cannot have any other ice cream flavors due to allergies or lifestyle choices
    • ** For others who just want Raspberry Sorbet and due not fit into the criteria above, there will be a few tubs in the boats as well


Ski Trip (Sold Out):


  • Included in ticket purchase
    • $30 tickets
      • Transportation
      • Lift ticket
    • $45 tickets
      • Transportation
      • Lift ticket
      • Choice between Snowboarding and Ski equipment rental
      • Rental includes
        • Snowboarding rental: Snowboard
        • Ski rental: Skis and Ski Poles
        • Both: Boots
      • Does not include:
        • Helmet rental
          • Available for renting at Butternut Ski Mountain
  • Students must ride the bus to and from the event


Oscars Livestream:


  • Starts at 7PM
  • Bring your own food
  • Backpacks are allowed
  • There will be prizes!